In the year 2019, we had never thought about any such virus that would be existing. All the worlds were freely enjoying and panting the city red. Then comes the deadly virus that had washed away all the happiness and prosperity of all the nations. This virus originated from Wuhan a city in China. And this keeps on increasing and increasing and forced the world to know this as the pandemic Covid-19. We all thought we would have got free from this virus in 1 year. But hell no!!! That was just the Beginning. The world has to see face many deadly sorrows and pain. People became hopeless and we all were locked in our houses for more than 2 months and this was not enough. And the question we keep on asking was “When will this end :(…???!!!!” So this never ended. People almost lost hope and cannot even do anything. Many people cannot afford to eat food. All their money was finished and they were no other way to survive. But we believe that this will surely end and Our nation will become as usual once again. But for the time being, we need to stay strong and fight this virus.

So lastly I would like to say that- We have to follow the deadlines and curfew times that are there in our respective states or country. We should follow the lockdown, this is the most that we can do to keep ourselves safe. And lastly support your friends, family, and relatives if they need any help. We don’t know what they might be suffering from. And take a vow to Stay Positive, Keep Motivating others and Have a proper diet. We will be able to fight this virus and make it NO-EXIST.